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The purpose of this article is to provide a behind the scenes insight into our video production process. We will show you the steps that are taken for a new client and how their video comes to life. For more behind the scenes insight, take a look at our Orbis case study.


Every project begins with an enquiry. Either through our website contact form or via email. We begin by first discussing with the client what it is they’re working on, the message they are trying to convey, and their goals. We take the time to properly learn about each company and project to ensure the smoothest process in bringing their video to life.

Following initial discussions and understanding, we begin drafting a script to explain everything that is required in the set duration. During the script process, the client may provide feedback and make any changes they desire. We make sure the client is 100% satisfied and loving the script prior to further production.


Following the completion of the script, we begin forming the creative direction of the video through an animation storyboard. Once completed, the storyboard is numbered and sent to the client with a modified, numbered script to follow along. The client can provide feedback and make changes to the storyboard until they’re 100% satisfied. 

Once the storyboard is approved, the creative direction is locked in and the animation begins.


During the storyboard process, voice acting is completed and the audio track is chosen. We make sure the image of the company and project is properly represented by both the voice and sound throughout the video. 

The animation process is the longest part of the video creation. The client is updated every 2-days on the current progress, work remaining and expected completion date.


And that’s it! the video is done. The best part of all is that we guarantee the completion of your video in under 3 weeks. Keep in mind this includes 4-minute videos, it only gets better if your video is shorter. 


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