ICO Explainer Video | Svandis – All Data, One Place


Svandis is a revolutionary research and visualisation platform powered through crowd sourced data. With a goal to be the Bloomberg of the crypto world, Svandis features a highly qualified team focused on succeeding. Their platform is an incredible opportunity for all crypto market participants, view their video below to see for yourself.



The production process of the Svandis explainer video was incredibly smooth. With quick, concise feedback from the Svandis team and clear goals to work with, the ICO Explainer Videos team had a great experience. The video was completed in under 2-weeks and is a great finished product.


During the production process of our explainer videos, changes can be made to the script and storyboard to ensure complete satisfaction. Each client is presented with a script to approve or make changes on. Following approval of the script, an animation storyboard is provided. Upon approval of the storyboard, the creative direction is locked in and the video is produced.


The Svandis explainer video was a great project to work on and we wish the best for the team in the future. 

This article was intended to provide insight into our production process and show you what it is like to work with us. If you’re looking for the best animated explainer video you can get, send us an email at [email protected]

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