The REAL Benefits of an ICO Explainer Video (For Real)

Benefits of ICO Explainer Videos

ICO Explainer Videos are incredibly popular and are being seen more and more as time goes on. Everybody knows explainer videos are beneficial to ICO’s; we want to show you exactly how beneficial they truly are and why you NEED one for your ICO!

1 | Explain your idea in just minutes

By using an animated explainer video in your ICO, you are able to communicate to your audience who you are, what it is you’re doing, and why your ICO is worth investing in.

Start with your technology, provide some examples of how it works, and show some use cases that potential third-parties could utilise. This will provide investors with the confidence that your idea has economic viability. It will also allow them to understand the technology and how it could be applied.

You always want to finish your explainer in an uplifting call to action! Bring it home with information about your new token or coin. Explain and illustrate how it is used, who benefits from it, why it is integral to your company and how it will grow in value. You want your investors to be able to imagine themselves USING the token or coin.

The best part is, all of this can be done in under 3 minutes. That is if the company you’re using has the experience and know-how to get it done in that duration (If they can’t, you’re looking in the wrong places).

2 | You are no longer just text on a page

A quick form of communication isn’t the only major benefit of using video. The use of visuals, voice, music and sound effects have a much stronger effect on your audience’s understanding of your idea. It gives you the attention of the audience, captivating their concentration and enriching their understanding.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the majority of successful ICO’s. They have all used video in their marketing one way or another. This is because it works; it just… works.

3 | Gain the trust of your investors

You need to gain the trust of your viewers to convert them to investors, its as simple as that. Question is, how can you do this and what is the best way? Sure you could sit on a computer all day answering questions in Telegram or Twitter, but who wants to do that.

The best way, especially when it comes to ICO’s is VIDEO (surprise!). Rich coming from a video production company? We get it… but it’s for this reason that we exist.

Trust is gained from video for multiple reasons. It shows you care, that you’re investing in your marketing, and that you want the best representation of your company. Like we’ve all heard a million times, first impressions count!

Above all else, as covered in point 2, it allows your audience to imagine the uses of your technology. This will make them more confident of adoption and capital growth. Don’t ever become too naive to think investors are there for anything else but to make money. They want the profit, juicy bank balances, Lamborghini’s! It’s all about investor confidence.

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